Calling ALL Vw busEs
We are excited for the 2017 Jam. We have live local music, goooood craft beer and pancakes! We are looking forward to connecting with everyone and having a great time!!
The Travelling Type II's is Calling All VW buses to Camper Jam Canada 2017 Aug 4th-7th. It's all happening 10 minutes south of Golden BC at the Eco Adventure Ranch. The Jam attracts VW Buses from all over and passionate VW campers.
There are so many things one can do at Camper Jam Canada. From simply just camping in your VW bus to Hiking, Geocaching, mountain biking, paragliding, sasquatch wrestling (we're kidding, just checking if you're reading) and even white water rafting. If that's not your style you can simply come meet with some new and familiar faces around the campfire or the beloved VW Bus.
OK things to bring! The picnic table! or just adequate seating. We simply overwhelm the picnic table capacity of this campground. Bug spray is always a good backup for those ferocious Canadian skeeters ;) Funky hats we will be giving awards for the funkiest hats and the grooviest camp setup - Ooooh look bright lights.  Calling All VW buses!!!
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